The longest established company supplying the highest quality indoor temporary kitchens to the insurance claims industry.

Our insurance product is a tailored temporary kitchen set up in any room with all you may need, allowing you to stay in your home in comfort for that difficult period when your kitchen area is undergoing repairs. (Please see some insurance testimonials below)

We can provide everything needed to convert another room or garage of your house into a substantial temporary kitchen for you and your family.
As standard you receive a 3 Pod Kitchen
Wet Pod -Dishwasher, Sink with drainer, Hot and cold water in any room.
Hot & Cold Pod – Single oven, fridge with small freezer compartment, induction hob & induction pan set, pan drawer
Island Pod– a 1m wide unit that acts as worktop space and storage. Total worktop space is 2.1m.

Also included in your package should you require them are; small tables, microwaves, washing machines, carpet protector. (Please visit the Gallery to see examples)

Our design reflects our market research that showed us that when using a more compact kitchen that available worktop space was a key consideration, particularly for families.

Please contact us so that we can help you understand the options available to you with your insurance company on 0203 859 7040.



In January 2017 we were unfortunate enough to have a leaking water pipe within our kitchen / diner solid floor, necessitating the removal of the furniture and entire kitchen flooring.
The insurance company’s loss adjuster provided the option of moving into a rental accommodation or having a trailer kitchen delivered.
We really didn’t want to move, and aside from the fact there was no room to install it, the thought of cooking meals in a caravan and transporting them into the house in all weathers was extremely unappealing.
Having a young family would have introduced safety issues too as the children would have been left unsupervised whilst their food was prepared out in the street.
The loss adjuster offered no other solutions, so we were left to research options ourselves and came across the Kitchen Pod company.
The rates were lower than the loss adjuster was proposing to pay the trailer firm and the solution was a far more elegant, comfortable and customer focused solution.
We will soon be entering our fifth month and we have had nothing but praise for the product.
The appliances are top quality and there has been plenty of storage capacity within the cupboards.
In summary, a great product which has made a very unfortunate situation far more tolerable. 

Mr PW, Essex  Insurance Claim

‘My kitchen was flooded in December and had to be completely stripped out. I was facing the prospect of having to move out of my house – until I discovered KitchenPod.
It was a complete revelation – all I needed was a water supply and a power point and I could have a full kitchen complete with hot water, dishwasher, fridge/freezer and cooker.  Amazing !
No living off microwave meals and washing up in the bathroom – life could go on almost as normal.
As a result I have been able to stay put and manage the building works on site – resulting in a much quicker turnaround than expected. So it has been a win-win situation – and my insurers are more than happy too ! ‘

Cressida Bell, Islington  Insurance Claim

In February this year we suffered a burst pipe within the wall in our kitchen which resulted in significant damage to the floor and walls and a subsequent insurance claim. We were advised that due to the repairs required the kitchen would be unusable and therefore we could move out whilst this took place. For us this was not an option as we have six cats who would have had to be placed in a cattery for an unknown length of time. Kitchenpod was the alternative and I have to say a lifesaver, installation was quick and easy all we had to do was relocate some furniture and we had a usable kitchen with all we need to carry on in what has been a very stressful time. Everything supplied even a dishwasher. Amazing, thank you.

Mrs JM, Dorset  Insurance Claim