In January 2017 we were unfortunate enough to have a leaking water pipe within our kitchen / diner solid floor, necessitating in the removal of the furniture and entire kitchen flooring.
The insurance company’s loss adjuster provided the option of moving into a rental accommodation or having a trailer kitchen delivered.
We really didn’t want to move, yet aside from the fact there was no room to install it, the thought of cooking meals in a caravan and transporting them into the house in all weathers was extremely unappealing.
Having a young family would have introduced safety issues too as the children would have been left unsupervised whilst their food was prepared out in the street.
The loss adjuster offered no other solutions, so we were left to research options ourselves and came across the Kitchen Pod company.
The rates were lower than the loss adjuster was proposing to pay the trailer firm and the solution was a far more elegant, comfortable and customer focused solution.
We will soon be entering our fifth month and we have had nothing but praise for the product.
The appliances are top quality and there has been plenty of storage capacity within the cupboards.
In summary, a great product which has made a very unfortunate situation far more tolerable. 

Mr PW, Essex  Insurance Claim

‘My kitchen was flooded in December and had to be completely stripped out. I was facing the prospect of having to move out of my house – until I discovered KitchenPod.
It was a complete revelation – all I needed was a water supply and a power point and I could have a full kitchen complete with hot water, dishwasher, fridge/freezer and cooker.  Amazing !
No living off microwave meals and washing up in the bathroom – life could go on almost as normal.
As a result I have been able to stay put and manage the building works on site – resulting in a much quicker turnaround than expected. So it has been a win-win situation – and my insurers are more than happy too ! ‘

Cressida Bell, Islington  Insurance Claim

In February this year we suffered a burst pipe within the wall in our kitchen which resulted in significant damage to the floor and walls and a subsequent insurance claim. We were advised that due to the repairs required the kitchen would be unusable and therefore we could move out whilst this took place. For us this was not an option as we have six cats who would have had to be placed in a cattery for an unknown length of time. Kitchenpod was the alternative and I have to say a lifesaver, installation was quick and easy all we had to do was relocate some furniture and we had a usable kitchen with all we need to carry on in what has been a very stressful time. Everything supplied even a dishwasher. Amazing, thank you.

Mrs JM, Dorset  Insurance Claim



Mr A. Yorshire. Family of 3. 6 week hire Dec 2016

Firstly KitchenPod is an utterly brilliant idea and executed fantastically well.
Delivery was seamless and quick. Installation was simple and the product itself is of the highest quality. We had Neff and Bosch appliances, quartz work surfaces and the attention to detail in this product is really good.
Well done KitchenPod the ‘promise’ made was really well ‘delivered’ and that is the true test of a good idea and a good brand.
We’d highly recommend to anyone that will be without a kitchen for a few weeks or months – it really did prove to be invaluable and great value for money.

Mr C. West London; Side return extension; 4 weeks hire Dec 2016

Kitchenpod provides a fantastic service. We used them whilst we waited for our kitchen to be delivered and found the units to be of a very high quality. The company is friendly and professional from start to finish with a great product. Would definitely recommend for anyone who needs temporary kitchen units.

Mrs S-N. South London; Family of 4; 5 weeks hire; Rear kitchen extension. Dec 16

‘I found Ed and the Kitchen Pod concept on Houzz – and what a life line. It allowed us to carry on living in our house (we have built a single story extension and have a new kitchen diner) for the duration of the project. His idea is a great one – the kitchen pods were fitted in one morning and it meant we had a fully functional (washing machine, dishwasher, hot and cold running water, hob, oven) in our front room- they even gave us a small table that the kids used every evening for homework.
We are in transition this week – waiting for the final installation of the new kitchen and had to return our temporary kitchen last weekend, and we are missing it. Toasters, kettles and microwaves only get you so far… We had Kitchen Pod for 5 weeks – it was worth every penny. Ed provided great service, checked in to make sure everything was working fine, was prompt – a pleasure to work with. ‘

Mrs O-B. West London;  Family of 3; Rear kitchen extension; 5 weeks hire. Nov 16

‘We are loving our brilliant kitchen pods! So marvellous that we can really continue living in our home with minimal disruption’

Mr P. North London; Family of 4; 6 week hire; Side return extension. Oct 16

‘After several years of needing more room in our family home we decided to take the plunge and commission a kitchen extension. We have 2 young children and the prospect of living without a working kitchen for several months filled us with dread to the extent that we nearly decided to abandon the whole project. We looked into the possibility of moving out for the duration of the build but this was prohibitively expensive.
The Kitchen Pod was the perfect solution to our problem. It meant that we could stay in our home whilst the building work was carried out so that the disruption to our day to day life was kept to a minimum.
It was installed with the minimum of fuss in just a few hours. The quality of the appliances is extremely high and have proved to be very reliable. The Kitchen Pod has provided us with an extremely high quality working kitchen that has allowed our family life to continue as normal during the course of the build.
Ed could not have been more helpful and has been on hand throughout our project to deal with any queries we have had.
KitchenPod has exceeded our expectations and is highly recommended.’

Mrs C. North London; Family of 4; Side Return Extension; 8 week booking Nov 16

‘We were two weeks away from starting work on our kitchen extension, and had just viewed a very disappointing Airbnb flat, when we heard about Kitchenpod. No-one in our area wanted to give us a short let, but we needed to be near the house to keep in touch with the builder and be close to the kids’ school.

Kitchen pods were the perfect solution. We had everything we needed – even a dishwasher. The kids were happy they didn’t have to move out, even with all the dust. And we’re happy the money we saved has paid for a lot of kitchen appliances. Ed was very flexible, efficient and helpful – I can honestly say the temporary kitchen has been the smoothest part of the whole build.’

Mrs V. South London; Family of 4.

‘The kitchen has been a lifesaver’