Our pop up kitchens comprise modular units (pods), which can be installed in virtually any room within the home (spare bedroom, reception room). They can be configured flexibly as the room dictates and taking into account the homeowner’s wishes. The design of the pods allows for a kitchen to be fully installed with hot running water in 2 hours. All we need is access to a cold water supply and standard plug sockets.

The pods have been designed with sleek, contemporary lines and quartz work surfaces for easy maintenance and feature the latest Neff appliances.

Our service includes initial consultation (which may involve a site visit), delivery, installation and removal at the end of the rental period.

Equally if you do choose to move out, you may use our services to get back into your house more quickly (which will save you rent) as it is almost always the kitchen that is the last room completed.

Our temporary kitchens can be used for any domestic situation ranging from insurance claims (if you are made kitchen-less because of flood, fire or water damage), or can be hired for remortgage purposes to show the house has a fully functioning kitchen.