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Bathroompod offer high quality bathroom hire, designed for insurance claims. We can help homeowners who face the prospect of being without a bathroom, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of moving out or having to ‘make do’ during this disruptive period.

We are able to offer customers a choice of a driveway trailer or a modular building erected at the rear of your property.
Both our trailerpods and modularpods are well insulated, heated and ventilated to ensure your comfort. Our range includes a shower, toilet, sink and vanity unit, bath if desired, storage and hanging space. We work with you to agree the layout and facilities required.

inside_bathroom_trailer_new copy.jpg

Bathroom Case Studies

Location: Essex

Temporary bathroom
installed in back garden 

Family of 2

Leak behind shower

Bathroom Case Studies

Location: Hampshire

Temporary bathroom
installed at side of house 

Family of 2

Leak under shower

No driveway suitable at property

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